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Cute, pink to something creepy, gory and macabre... and also did I already mention pink?

This game is so awesome! Tho the horror part is a lil' bit slow paced, it didn't harm its charm, instead it built the atmosphere. Unlike other horror rpg games where the horror begins as soon as you start playing the game, this one started so cute and wholesome where you can play harmless and unsuspecting mini-games and see Sissy be friendly to the other townspeople and vice versa. Since you are aware that this game is already a psychological horror game, you're guard is always up if ever something horrible will happen in between the mini games and Sissy's journey to the 'train station'


"Welcome to Adulthood"

Spoken like a true poet~!

...Not until you reach the part where Sissy actually embrace the name "Passion Fruit" and begin to like staying in town. The end of the 1st act was an actual WTF moment for me. I thought that Sissy was the cannibal one that the her journey through the town was some sort of an illusion, and that she's going to eat Chili but it was Chili who ate her. It is also noteworthy how quick the transition is from something cute and harmless to something that can mess up your mind; "There's no fucking around"

I actually first thought that Dumpling might have been the one who is sane enough and is willingly to lead Sissy out of town and in at the 2nd act, I kind of presumed that Dumpling would have helped her but he was ready to chase and kill her with a wooden sign when Sissy made her escape from Butter and Bread's basement  (Tho there are some other complain about the Dumpling chase scene, I really enjoyed that because it challenged my reflexes). 

The reason why I immediately fell in love to this game is because of how Sissy slowly sink into her own insanity, both in the 1st and 2nd act. This also made me question myself and my thoughts about escapism. What Milk said to Sissy about it and Sissy's own thoughts really hit me.

As much as I fell in love to this game, I do have some minor criticisms. Like the worm chase scene. It was kind of useless to use the pesticide since you are too busy turning through corners. Also, it kind of annoyed me when I managed to make the worms to be stuck to the tombstone from constantly turning only for them to respawn right next to my ass (and that your turns need to be precise). There's also that cooking part. The dialogue should just pop-up when Sissy ain't moving or you could've added some dialogue where Sissy scolds herself (the player rather) when she does the wrong thing that is against her own instructions. To be honest, that part confused me like I was constantly pressing the spacebar just looking for the flour. That is all for this portion

I do have some questions like; why they took different types of food as their new personas? Who exactly is Chili? Who is that girl at the end? Why was Sissy in that forest? WHAT DOES KYRIE KNOWS?! Also... WHAT THE HECK IS WITH THAT ENDING?! cliffhanger is okay, but two?! C'mon, you're killing me. Now I'm more confused than ever but that ain't a bad thing. (I'm sensing some kind of lore here!)

Before I end this LENGTHY review with spoilers, I just want to say that the music is so great, especially the bgm when you fight Chili. It's mf kick ass!


Overall, the graphics and art are well made, especially the CG illustrations which I really love. I already recommended this game to one of my friends. Sorry for a super duper lengthy review!Hoping for more amazing and great games from you in the future!

PS: Is it bad that ship Milk and Sissy... and so is Dumpling and Sissy?
another PS: Since I've already finished this game, it's time for me to make tons and tons of fanart~

(。•̀ᴗ-)و ̑̑✧

Peace! \(^o^)/

Omgggg, im so happy to read this kind of long review of my game >u<! Like really, i was smiling so much that someone took time to write it for me, aaaa <3

Im super happy you enjoyed the game! Also im really glad that you thought about things that Milk said and generally what happened to Sissy, I wanted to show how important it was ^^! And yeah, i know that i put there a lot of questions, anddd im going to answer some of them in my future games ^^! Ive done a pretty big universe, so i can make more and more games XD hope you will be interested in them as well ^^! <3

Also yeah lol, my friend also ships Sissy and Milk XD aaaaand i would be super happy to see fanarts of it QUQ!