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I did so and now I can finally play it. Content-wise, it is awesome! The animations are very nice and the design is great. The controls are alright, nothing to complain about that.

A report of interesting stuff and bugs I found:
-The game crashes when I try to go back to the first level and after I got "game over". Game loads other levels and works fine if I avoid the first level and not lose
-I encountered a glitch where after activating the gems to unlock the door to Brask, when I touched the floaty arrows near the start of the level, it sent Joe into a void where he is forever falling and the whole level disappeared except for the still background
-I was able to break the floor boundaries in the forest by standing under the lift when it was coming back down. Trapped poor Joe underneath the level and had to go back to the title screen
-Broke some wall boundaries in the final level by having Joe punch and move through a space where he's supposed to slide through
-Got a small glitch when having fun with Ket. During the animation, it switched to the lizard enemy's forced blowjob on Joe animation. The animation went all the way through, Joe didn't lose any HP, and it only happened once after many tries to recreate it.

Other than that, this is a very good game, even in it's early stages. I'm hyped to see it improve more and more in the updates. Y'all gained a new supporter