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> could you have alt-tabbed/hit escape during it closing?

> but i also didnt see any missing sparks.

Definitely no pausing, but it could have been caused by the slight lag induced by having both running? But I also noticed the sparks were ... "quicker?". Not sure of the word I want but they were less noticable when I could see them. I'm gonna blame the lag for this.

> downside of squeezing a 1.6gig game into less than 200MB :P

90% compression and still looked halfway decent? I'm impressed!

> i have worked very little on the story, my group partner handled most of that and honestly i cant remember any comment about dogs

Huh. I could have sworn one of the tablets said something about someone sneaking a pet on board. Will go dig back through all the tablets again.

Welp. Apparently I mixed that up from somewhere else so Nevermind!

> super easy, but its a bit against the design intensions. however i could add it to the "end credits" something like: "you found x of n story elements"

Sorry, yes. I meant a final total at the end or in the credits just for curiosity's sake; not something that shows as part of the normal gameplay.