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Backed the Kickstarter and played the game all the way through last night! Lemme tell you, it was well worth the four year wait. Overall, I think it was an excellent experience, though I did have some minor gameplay quibbles. I saw on Steam that you'd be doing some updates for the game later, so I hope you'll consider some of these.

One thing that bugged me was how there was no way to see what anyone's abilities did outside of battle. Like, when you unlock a new ability for someone via story progression instead of unlocking it in the skill tree, it'd be nice to have some way outside of battle to see what they do, especially since battles aren't really something you can just reliably or easily get into due to the nature of the game. Maybe some kind of alternate tab or page in the Skills submenu?

Also, (trying to be as vague as possible here for spoilers) there's one notable ability that allows for a bit of freeform creativity, right? Due to the aforementioned scarcity of battles combined with how late you can get this ability, it'd be nice if there was a way to test out the various outcomes of it without needing to be in a battle, like some kind of training dummy or maybe a stage to jam on.

Finally, while I appreciate the breezy feel of the game's difficulty, perhaps some harder difficulty options could be a nice addition for any future playthroughs.

And I just want to clarify, these are pretty much nitpicks. I'd still highly recommend this game to my friends. I even gave my Steam key of the game to a friend of mine since I don't use Steam and she seems to be enjoying it so far!

I'm looking forward to whatever else you have planned for Small Saga in the future. Maybe some kind of additional post-game or New Game +? Thanks again for this incredible experience!