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Both your games have been the Cosmic/Gothic Horror, Dark Fantasy Thief-like story I've sought in many different areas of media but have never, until now, been able to find in a form that hits all those atmospheric sweet spots (on account of being overly specific :P ). I greatly appreciate that you're able to tell so much about an area and its history just through set-pieces, and in terms of communicating potential danger without having to shoe-horn combat into the game - It isn't very often I can explore and really soak in my surroundings in an interesting place without being interrupted by enemies. The only real complaint I could make about Penitent Dead is that due to the sparse dialogue in the game, it's sometimes unclear what to do next to ensure you've "done all you need to do" before leaving the area; e.g, I wandered all over the island with that wretched Scope trying to figure out what it was for and got no kind of indication that I'd hit on anything pertinent, and while I don't want to be spoonfed information I think it does help to have at least a little bit of in-game context to poke players in the right direction, particularly for games with multiple endings. All in all, greatly looking forward to your next project, and to seeing this little world you've created grow!