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I just downloaded the most recent updated zip file for Mac and it still says the game is damaged. 

Gotcha, which version of Mac OS are you running? I've uploaded the previous Mac Complete build in the meantime (6.0006) until I fix the file on v6.0009 - let me know if that one doesn't work, and I'll try a different fix!

I'm running Sonoma 14.0. And v6.0006 also has the same problem.  Thanks!

Got it, I'll check it out & update as soon as I have a fix!


Update: I uploaded another version of v6.0009 Complete that should (hopefully) work! I think it's got to do with Sonoma not working with the Mac wrapper I use, so I updated it to a Windows 10 base (which worked on my Catalina Mac OS machine) - lmk if it's still broken, and I can try something different! (Also thank you so much for your patience!)

Still says it's damaged. I appreciate all your hard work on this, and I understand it takes time to figure these things out!