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Hi, I know I'm double commenting, but it occurred to me today to ask you: Is there any way I can help you besides donations? (I have no means to do so as I'm only 16 and have no credit card) I would love it if i could help you in any way for any of your games as they have brought me so much joy. If not, I understand if you prefer what you have now or feel as though you have the help you need already. Have a lovey new year! <3


Ahh thank you so much for your consideration! It already makes me really happy that someone's still thinking about my games after playing them. I can't really say that I have "all the help I need" because almost all of the work is done by myself, haha... ^p^ I think the only person who could really help me right now is someone who knows how to program in Ren'py/Python, but that's probably asking too much ^p^

Thanks for the offer, though! Knowing that people are looking forward to my work helps a lot in its own way!!

Well this comment can be a kind of late but I've been learning how to use the Ren'py(A kind of that I understand the system of how this programing works), I'm not so sure but maybe I can help on some little stuff If you still need help Batesan! I like your work so I would love to help you If I can. I hope you take this in mind :'D

Wow, thank you for the offer!! ^p^ If you're confident in your programming skills feel free to email me at batensan@gmail.com! Ah and just so we're clear, I need a programmer who can make a new, specific function I want in the game, not just simple text entry. The script is a big secret until release, after all ^p^ Either way, thank you for your offer and desire to help!

Well, maybe I can help you, I knowsome stuff but it deppend on what can be what you want and if I'm going to be able to help you!

I guess I will need to email you to know more about the new specific funtion haha, I'm right?

Thank you! Sure, feel free to email me anytime! ^o^

Alright! :'D