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Hello Nicu!

I have been researching and designing baseline/groundwork information on handling the technical side of the campaign. 

Many points that I am working on are as follows: (No particular order)

1. The nature of cities and their size/detail already present in game. 

2. The plausibility of different methods/map presentation that addresses the problem of size per area of territory for it to remain realistic to deployment and game standards. (Like how different maps have different baseline zoom views. Some maps are larger and show patches of sectioned rural land, while others show this land much closer while maintaining battalion standard unit sizes.)

2. The general size of an established battalion. (To translate into actual in-game units most accurately according to historical estimated counts).

3. More specific numbers on deployed forces on participating belligerents. 

3. Historical Battle Plans for specific areas of Berlin

4. List of Historical Fronts, Division, Armies, Battalions, etc. for appropriate placement in campaign. 

5. Eye-Witness Accounts/Personal Narrative Data

6. Researching the structure of Berlin in that time period. (Square Miles, etc.)

7. Creating a story-board to link up with scenarios once solidified. 

8. Figuring out how to draw cities (lol)

9. Historical Strategic Information. (For scenarios, placement of units, which part of city, etc).


For now I'm just writing this as of late so it is not very up there in terms of showing capable detail.

In total, I have a few questions that would need answering from you that would macrologically shape the form of the campaign.Because I writing this a bit unprepared, if there is any information that you would want me to delineate further to make a final decision, please let me know. Here they are:

1. Would you rather the campaign be longer or shorter? Short=4-5 Scenarios, Longer=Just more, possibly over 10+ (just estimating). This will influence which battles may be included, as well as map information regarding landscapes, etc.

2. Would you rather the campaign center on the Battle (IN) Berlin or all or most of the events regarding the Battle (OF) Berlin? This coordinates with question #1.


Short list now that I am typing it, but more should hopefully pop up. I have just started researching today.  Most of my data is targeted but not organized very well yet. If there is any information that would be beneficial to any thought of yours, I will do my best to supply it to you if that ever becomes a desirous action. As of now, I am wondering about process of coordination of what would happen if an effort to develop this campaign began underway. Do you need me to create a formal presentation with specified (either by yourself or my best capability to encompass what may be necessary to all parties who may or may not be involved.) information before we go any deeper, do authors typically tend to work alone or with a team in your experience regarding the creation of the campaigns, what is the current workload of ongoing projects, if any. Perhaps I should work with others on theirs or due to my first time doing this, would it be better if I just marched alone due to available manpower, people doing their own thing/ not wanting volunteer help, etc.  

I guess, are you ok with me asking you questions throughout the process of whatever route happens from here? I'm not sure what to do from here haha, other than just researching and compiling more. Again if there is anything you want me to share from whatever I do, I am fully capable. Also, if it matters, I'm a student about to start up again, but good schedules/proper enactment of known discipline should allow for steady (in terms of time dedication and production of new data to add to overall project) development. When the overall project will be completed, I don't know, but I don't think it will take a year haha, unless it takes that much refining. 


Also, I tried finding a way to message you directly so I don't eventually pollute this thread too much incase anyone else wants to post without getting swamped, but I failed to. I apologize if there is a way to do it on this site.