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this game is the best and possibly most unique game i have ever seen, and with the black cat update now out, y'all gave us lore on a golden platter, and i saw it, hidden tapes, doc's gift in progress of being made, heck even the paintings give out the lore, the resistance against hastur, the doctor's... weird obssession with yellow, even the souls are screaming THIS GAME HAS LORE, plus i saw some weird things in the house's "regular paintings" i just want to know something, what's the next big update? and is it related to the door in the parents' bedroom? who is caselda? and who is this person that recorded the 4 tapes in the sheep path? what are those notes on the wall ins the parents' bedroom, and what are those drawings? and the most important part, WHAT IS THE STORY OF THE BABY, AND WHAT ARE THE UNSPEAKABLE ONE'S GOALS???, so many questions need answering, PLEASE ANSWER THEM TEAM TERRIBLE, also keep up the good work, this game is a masterpiece, i just hope matthew robert patrick notices the lore sprinkled throughout the game and makes a theory about it, but seriously if your game was a plate of steak, and the lore was salt, the steak would be too salty to be eaten