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Giving some feedback at endgame gameplay. I'm at max Cash/Speed/Laser, and power at 4096x, and max balls at 230. Basically the game has come to a standstill now as it takes forever to get enough gold to upgrade power (which is the only thing that'll make any difference now). I was hoping to get all Skills before "ending" the game. But that's a far off fantasy as it takes forever to get one skill point. And even if I do try and kill the bosses Blockwork Orange V2 normally ends that if I'm not paying attention... Which it takes a half hour to get to and then if I don't stop the regen or extend the time it stops my progress. If I had infinite time on it I would be able to kill it. Then Blockula V2 has too much regen for me to get past if I don't disable it. Very annoying to try and baby till I get to that point. And even if I do get the Skill points the 8 costers are not that interesting other than the "Increased speed limit." Clicking and Powerups basically do nothing once you even get to that point of buying one of them.

Small bug when doing long bosses: balls get stuck going left to right at the bottom of the screen. Happens mostly to scatter balls. No way of really getting them unstuck till you end the boss gauntlet.

Improvements I'd like to see:

  • See boss damage. I have no idea which balls are actually doing the damage to the bosses. I know in general Plasma >> Cannon > Scatter >>> Sniper >>> Poison (with all skill upgrades for those balls) (I don't have the Basic ball Skill upgrades so I don't know if that's better or not). But that's mostly for the normal Blocks. Not bosses. 
  • If you lose a round of bosses that you pick up where you lost (so you don't have to waste another half hour to get to where you lost). Or maybe just cut out all the bull crap levels once you beat them 10 times...
  • A counter for how long the game has been running
  • A button to get to the Skills/Bosses menu at the top

Once you get to higher levels it seems Prestigeing is better for getting more gold than letting the game just continue idling (while buying upgrades). I was actually astonished that the Cash Bonus also got capped. Just why? Does power? Does Maximum number of balls? 

Other random questions: What's the use of Power Ups after an hour of the game? Why do lasers power get capped? Do lasers power increase with Prestige power upgrades (really hard to tell)? After getting far enough into the game is there a way to boost the speed at which you are in the starting stages of the game after Prestigeing? Again it's another babying of the game that takes like 6 hours+ to get back to where you were, and a lot of that is just getting to the first hour of upgrades, then waiting 5 hours to get some money to get over that hump. (I get that that's the main part of Idle games, but after playing the game so much it feels like more of a chore than a game to even feel like any progress).

Sorry I probably came off a bit whiny. I do highly recommend this game as it was a lot of fun to get to maybe level 1,000 and complete 20 bosses. Just want to see the end game feel like it's a finished product.