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I dunno if it’s just me but I most literally cannot get bugbear’s route like at all ?? I’m following the guide and still every time I run into him he bursts out in laughter mg bad is at 11 and my str is 7 what am I doing wrong T^T


HAHAH FRR this should be a bug... if not then we're very dumb XD


heres what i did to get his route/good end:

- once you can skip class (by getting BAD STUDENT 4)  go to the gardens or forest to meet bugbear and and choose accept to enter route

- meet bugbear at lunch/freetime for the 2nd meeting

- then approach him again during class (make sure you have 10 STR to be able to ask abt his smile for his success? end) ask his real name two times for crypto question

- during crypto choose the bugbear option, if you dont get the question you wont be able to continue his route (for me i kept retrying till i got crypto question)

- go to the library at 8pm after succesfully picking bugbear option

- 5th meeting is guaranteed at night after the library meeting

 i did this like a year ago and i think it still works!! ^^

tysm i'll definitely try this out! ^^