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Day 2 Progress:

I got a color test done! I know the general style I want to do the sky in, though I want to remake it in different colors. Once I finish that up tomorrow, I'll replace the Neko Atsume background with it.

I got burnt out a bit, so I didn't get as much done on character modeling. However, learning more about how gamemaker code worked allowed me to get some insight into the easiest way to design it!

The main achievement of the day was in coding! I was able to hash out the basics of a platformer! Tomorrow I want to work more on the mechanics that will make this game unique, so I'm going to make running one-directional and see if I can leave a trail of where the character has been. While I'm so far unsure of how to trace the character back in time, being able to trace the path the character makes should be a good start. After that, the next step would probably be to see if I could trace the character down the path along the center? But Im getting ahead of myself! If time allows, I also want to mess with gravity and speed to see what gives the best game feel.

Goals for Day 3:


-Analyze Running Patterns

-Make Final Sprite in Layers

-Adjust each layer to create a running animation

-Sketch out ideas for platforms and backgrounds and gen level design


-One-direction running

-Leave trail of path