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Hi, I was intrigued so I bought this, looking for testing it on a Mac: no way to run it either on a newer M1 Mac (MacOS Ventura) nor on an older Intel Mac (Catalina). On the second one Xcode download was requested (and done) but anyway no luck... any suggestions? Thanks!

Hello Michele,

thanks for the feedback.

The game was originally created on a Mac using High Sierra 10.13.6 system, Intel i5 core,  3 years ago.
Tested recently on the same computer and working fine.
no Xcode install needed.

Maybe Apple new M-1 hardware is having bugs with older app builds?
Searched at google, please try:

If you are experiencing "App is damaged and cannot be opened" on macOS Ventura, do the following steps to fix it:

  • Open the Apple menu > System Settings.
  • Select Privacy & Security > Developer Tools.
  • Click the ( + ) button and navigate to the folder where the damaged app resides.
  • Select the app and click Open.

Please let me know what kind of error you are getting.