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I love the concept, I love the art style however:So far I've gotten to the temple and there is a glitch where one enemy can follow you to the next screen, if I can't link it to another I can't defeat them. Also: it doesn't seem I can use the fire from torches to defeat them either.  The lightning tutorial wasn't very clear I only noticed the prompt on the bottom of the screen to link enemies after I had figured that out from a video. I'm not looking for text in the middle of a battle especially when the enemies are fast.  The Mantra cursor is awfully sensitive and hard to control though I think that wouldn't be a problem if the whole screen were available for drawing. I found the walking speed frustrating and would like a run button and more environment interactions would be sweet(i.e. being able to make the trees shake with the wind etc) I don't want to give you the impression that I don't like the game I do, but these are things that took me out of the gorgeous experience you have otherwise created.