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Stand User: Josh A.

Stand Name: Deadly Gray

Power: A

Speed: B

Range: C

Precision: C

Potential: B

Durability: B 

Appearance: 5'7, looks like a gray and black tornado and has golden cylinders on all his 3 fingers and eyes are gold, he floats above the ground and defends his user at all times.

Ability: A powerful stand that when mist comes out of his finger tips, that same mist can be turned into any object the stand or user desires, (A gun up to a car) and the mist may seem harmless but its tangible to anything it hits against, and it can copy the same attacks from other stands, no matter the attack, he can still do it.


stand user: Rei  Fujiwara

stand name: Famon Dread


Speed: A


Precision: A

Potential: A

Durability: A

Appearance:  3'7, a stand that can change between 3 different bugs a stag beetle, water staider, and a locust.  it is always at eye length with the user and will not permit the user to get injured. (has a mind of own)

Ability: this stand can generate any  food, water, energy or blood. it seems pretty week at first, but it can also take away blood, water, or energy and donate it to the user 

Oho instead of running away in fear your approaching me Jotaro 


i can,t beat the shit out of you without getting close