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Spoilers: I did provide info that could take some fun from the game, just thought i would make that present.
This is fun little background thing to do. biggest issue is after about 10 or so prestige's which happens in a hour at most you can basically go infinitely. 40 scatter balls + 60K damage basically instantly destroys anything on screen up until about level 10K. This is all due to a lack of real scaling in percentages.

The biggest issue i have with this is the difference between bosses and standard levels is pretty insane. Grinding out those skill points is a slow and tedious process with little to no reward. The biggest reward being max speed cap increased to 60 but to unlock that you need atleast 15 points. The problem is the bosses are not necessarily hard to defeat it's they are very time consuming. The time it took me to write this i beat 2 bosses for 2 points a peice. On a side note I have noticed every now and then you will get gold when a  boss dies, but the issue is a boss dying takes 5 or 6 minutes and rewards 1 gold where passing 20 levels can take as little as 6 or 7 seconds later on and rewards more gold depending on where you are. The bosses need a lot of work as they don't fit in with the game very well, but the game itself is pretty fun and enjoyable otherwise. My suggestion would be to make the bosses more balanced with the game itself by making the bricks in regular levels take more hits/power to break or making the bosses take less time or be more rewarding.

tl/dr: The game is overall good but a lot of balance issues are had such as a lack of scaling. would recommend playing though. Also paying if you have the cash because it has a lot of potential to be a good idle game.