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I've been meaning to play this demo for a while now and I finally got a chance too! (Imagine that...) Well, needless to say I had a blast! Of course Lucifine will have to be my favorite of the characters. I really did get a kick out of punching him harder. I was on the phone with my bf when I was playing so I was reenacting out loud how I was reading it in my head and his commentary just made me laugh and further enjoy the game. XD (At one point when Asstaroth kidnaps you my bf countered with "You just got ass-napped" I know... it was so lame but so funny at the time)

The art is just lovely. Each character seemed like they fit perfectly into their own scenes which I strongly enjoy in any game. The humor was unexpected, since I like to be surprised and not read any comments beforehand, but not unwanted. I really loved the text.

I can't wait for the full game to come out. :D Keep up the good work.

Waaaaah!!! :DDD
I'm so happy that you got a chance to play the demo and that you also enjoyed it!!! X3
Hehehehe, Lucifine is trash, PUNCH HIM AS HARD AS YOU CAN.
And omg, your boyfriend sounds hilarious~~~~
Seems he was a great addition to the game XD

It's so wonderful to hear that you liked the art!!! I always worry about whether my art is actually good enough to put in a game...so relieved to hear you liked it ;w;
Hehehe, yes, this truly is a not serious game, so, it's good to hear the humor was interesting for you <3

Thanks so much!!!!
Unfortunately full game has been delayed, so it won't be released for another 7 or 8 months DX
I hope you will like it once it is out though!!!