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Thing IS: this is way less sexualizing than 90% of lesbian games out there. And you can technically complete the game with just a few kisses. Sure it'll take a long ass time but you can do it. It takes the sex SLOWLY, and let's love decide how far it goes. Yes the story could be better. Also the sex is kinda the point? I admit the story could be better, but ya really cant shame a sex oriented game for being... sexual yknow? 

I'm just glad it's not mega sexualized like 90% of other lesbian sex context out there tbh.


True that! It's just the fact that people were using it as sex advice. Do NOT use a random game on for sex tips!! A few kisses does not cause an orgasm and as a lesbian this will not work! It is just a sex game- but some sex games are written a whole lot better lmao

(almost a year late reply omf)