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Wow that is a strange one. It is possible something has gone wrong in your installation of XNA or .Net or even DirectX. First try running the game as administrator to see if that changes anything. According to the error could be related to your .Net framework, so lets install the very latest version and try the game again: Just curious, but did you extract the game files to your desktop, or are you running it from within a zip file? If so try extracting the files to your desktop first. I hope some of this works!

EDIT: Oh and if you have upgraded to Windows 10 Recently, it can mess up the XNA install, so that might be worth giving a reinstall too:

I got it working!! Somehow, my problem is related to a missing dll. Thanks you very much for your support. Now i gonna play this game :)

Excellent! I would love to hear what missing dll it was, in case some one else comes to me with the same problem :) Have fun!

The dll missing can be found in the "fix error (0xc000007b)". In case someone have the same problem. 1 of 105 dll can be the solution... or you can put all dlls next to the exe xD.

I have another trouble, i want to play with my brother and for some reason when i run the game with xbox controler emulator it crashed (I only have 2 generics joysticks). This game is generic Joystick compatible?. Anyways thanks for your help and support.

Which emulator are you using? so long as you have one thumbstick and a few buttons you should be good.

i tried Xinput and x360ce. also tried Joytokey but looks like is not what i wanted. Which emulator or program you recommend me?

I would recommend x360ce, does the game crash the moment you launch it or does it crash the moment you try to start a game? or is the emulator crashing?

Sorry, the game was working as well the emulator. just the emulator pop off a window and made me think it crashes. Now i can play multiplayer. Thanks man for making this amazing game, i will stay tuned for your updates. :)

Awesome to hear! Thanks for the kind words, and no worries about the support, you and others are very helpful in getting bugs squashed :D