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Thank you, I'm going to look at 02_collision* and see how I can implement that today with the dragon (do they have a name?). I'll increasingly use the API and helper methods as I  understand them, but right now the examples come with very little context for "args". Could you produce a very basic map for it that I could explore the endpoints for a better understanding? My attempts to inspect my way through it yield nothing.

I have a few points of feedback after yesterday about making sure the console is a Ruby experience. I will list most in a later thread after I delve in deeper, but before anything else... can you PLEASE make "exit" an alias for "quit"? I literally just found out after 5 years that "quit" even works in IRB, but "exit" is the ruby command assumed to leave to the console/desktop. Most of my feedback is nitpicky language stuff like that that is critical to the intuitive and linguistic aspect of Ruby. The other thing is I NEED to be able to use the left key to go back and fix a mistake, even the Beginner Ruby Tutorial sample was frustrating without that. The actual DR experience itself is great now that I'm wrapping my head around it. I love the console idea and can't wait to see it grow!


There are ctag files that show the api for DragonRuby in the root directory. That should give you at least autocompletion in the editor of your choice.