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hi, i don't understand Well how the teams are made, but im a musician do you want to make a team? Im from Mexico by the way

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I'd love to!

I thought we were going to receive an email with a selected team, but as that did not happen I'd love for us to form a team!

Here's my email:

hey Im also from Mexico I have experience working with unity and programming overall is it okay if I jon you guys?

Hi Yeis, I don't know how to use Unity (For this game I would have used Construct 2 - a visual scripting game engine) and since they're two different game engines, I don't know how this would work...

I would let you make the game and I could do some other stuff, but I'm really bad at everything else...

The only way I can see this working is if you know to do something else...

Incould try to learn construct or participate in other decisions like game design or even music or art can you get on a skype call or a facebook group to start brainstorming about i

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I don't have skype, but I can get on a facebook group. On which one and at what time?

Edit: Actually, can we arrange this via email? this is my facebook add me so we can start making the game

Sorry, but me and Toy el sonorista have already begun working on the game...