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Wow! Thank you so much for your nice words, SiRiVeon! You are 100/10 ofc! :)

Thanks for responding to my reply. It means a lot to me. I wanted to add a few things and ask some questions about Madball.

First of all, I've put more than 7 hours into this game, which shows how much I loved playing it. Levels 20, 28, 34, 53, and 56 were my favorites, although I haven't been able to beat the last 7 levels. I can beat those levels someday through trial and error, but I'm not sure about level 55. There's a red platform where I always fall down when I step on it. I don't think there were any glass blocks. So a hint on level 55 would be appreciated.

Secondly, 60 levels are a lot to play, but still, the fun goes over when you give plenty of hours on a game. So did you guys make any level packs for Madball? It would be nice to play more unique levels. Plus, a level editor would be really nice so that people could make their own levels and share them with each other.

Thirdly, I loved the awesome soundtrack that you guys made for Madball. I wanted to listen to this music outside of the game, but I couldn't find it on YouTube. Do you have this soundtrack album on Spotify, SoundCloud, or anywhere else? I would be grateful if you guys provided us with your albums. Also, I recorded some gameplay of your game, but it didn't record internal audio, making these gameplays silent. There are many Android apps where the internal audio doesn't get recorded like this game, so I hope you fix that.

Finally, are you guys making any new games? I liked both of the games that you've made. You have unrivaled innovation and skills when it comes to making games, so I would love to see more from you guys. Take care.