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What's your point? Kojima likes VR, so normal monitors have no more merit? That doesn't do anything to prove your point, it just reiterates it which is pointless.

The fact still remains that the large majority of consumers still ONLY have access to monitors. In addition to this, it's not that hard to convert a VR game to being played on a controller, so in my opinion it's not only stupid but a little unacceptable that developers don't include this feature more often so more people can play their games.

If the reason they do this is SERIOUSLY because they "don't want people to experience it in a non-ideal scenario!" then all I have to say to that is "waaaaaaahhhhhhhh!"

Did you hear James Cameron whining about people viewing Avatar in standard 2d? No. Because that would be dumb.

Have a good one!

Would you also want a version of COD you could play on an iPhone? No, because the concept would not work on that medium and would lose all of its effect. A lot of VR games would be considered pretty basic and not very good on a 2D monitor, but playing them in VR is more fun than any monitor game.

Yeah you can slap basic keyboard and mouse controls into a VR game, but not all of them. Many are designed to specifically take advantage of the room scale and motion controls, and switching them to button presses and a mouse movement loses SO much. I am working on a game where you control a dragon and fly using your arms like wings - the entire point of the mechanic, to feel like your own arms are wings would be lost if it was done using a controller - at that point its the same as any other flight sim and has no originality.

Also for horror games like this, the immersion of VR is required. VR makes people when they get mobbed by enemies cry out and cower - this does not happen on a 2D monitor. In VR it is very difficult to walk off a cliff edge - easy on a monitor game. Hell a well known game Richies Plank is literally just walking along a wood plank sticking out a large building really high up - its scary in VR but literally shovelware on a monitor. Playing Dont Blink on a monitor instead of in VR would literally reduce the effect and feeling of the game by 90%, it's not worth it. People would say it sucks and leave bad reviews because they wouldn't realize they are only getting 10% of the effect - why would a developer put out such a neutered version?

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Comparing it an Iphone app is strawman argument.

At this point in time LOADS of VR games support both controllers AND VR mode.

So. It appears developers are agreeing with me.

Either jump on board, or don't.

No one is saying VR isn't supperior in certain contexts.

Once again, James Cameron didn't whine about people watching his movie in standard 2d, despite it being inferior. I literally don't understand what you're defending. I get you're a fan of VR. But just because VR is great doesn't mean developers should dismiss THE MAJORITY of players who can't afford a 600$ piece of equipment.