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// very spoily stuff below so if you haven't played this game yet do so it's very good, and if you haven't finished it, please do. //

that took around 6 hours. this is probably the greatest story i ever experienced so far. here's what I think of the six main characters in the story:

ausse - character development practically just starts and ends with "girls" and "skirt chaser". he seems a bit more shallow than the rest of the cast but maybe it's just me. he, of course, does have his own moments like the party, sled desk race and his clinic scene, but still... maybe i'm just half repulsed by his personality. oh and he also broke the 4th wall by mentioning fanservice

ciaran - a well sculpted mc. the description here practically sums up my opinion on him, but the flashback scene in OHT... why... also bulbasaur is the best kanto starter and there's nothing he can do to stop or @ me

claire - by the time of the rooftop scene i'm thinking that claire is mostly defined by "stalker" and "insane", then of course she hit my feels in a few of the next scenes like her proposal in the streets and the mall scene after ciaran's outburst on ziva

diniz - on my first few hours I half thought diniz was mostly just a joke character added to the description here, and my other half thought wonders if he'll be appearing in the next scene. then the first meeting happened. he's also kinda relatable too as he's a nice guy with interests in gaming + he seems smart

luce best girl don't @ me but seriously she's almost as relatable as diniz as she's a friendly, bright girl who likes art. and also very very helpful. except during that entire stealing a car thing which seems normal then since I didn't really know who she is, but now it feels a bit more out of character since now I portray her as the good and sane girl

ziva -  a witch who loves talking nonstop about nonsense psychology (which is really interesting) and is actually not tolerable yet another relatable character. I feel like she is practically the main trio (her, ciaran and ausse)'s leader and it fits so well due to her personality. she also prefers doing everything by herself instead of with groups so that's another relatable thing

I really love the description of the game here, and especially ziva's profile, as it gives the characters a bit more of a colorful personality. I also love the epilogue (One Hidden Truth) except the part where ciaran just stabs his foot, that was definitely uncalled for, and should be removed or at least made less graphic (although it really isn't graphic). the image scenes I think highlighted the most important scenes of the game (the rooftop scene, the evening pool scene, claire's piano scene, the argument(?) with ziva, the classroom scene with luce, the proposal, and the sunrise stairs scene in the epilogue. also I like how the epilogue references things you may already have forgotten by this point, most especially the chain binding three people (who is revealed to be ciaran, diniz and ziva) from the prologue. speaking of the prologue, that's probably the  only noteworthy thing there, since I don't think the pianist or the apprentice made a proper appearance in the story, but that's probably just me. 

and also this convo between claire and ciaran "On the other hand, I'd rather observe everything from afar." "That's just a nice way of saying that you enjoy watching me suffer." is my new mood quote now thanks

<3 <3 <3