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Stand User: Ethan C.

Stand name: 21 Guns 


Power: A

Speed: B

Range: Depending

Durability: D

Precision: B

Potential: B

Stands Appearance: Appears in it's basic form as a simple Beretta m9 but can be manipulated to change it's form depending on what gun the user wants to use.  

Abilities: 21 guns can be changed or manipulated by the user thinking of the gun he/she wants to use and the stand will automatically mold into that weapon in 2 seconds. The Stand however can only be formed into hand-held firearms; that means no RPG's or flame throwers. But other than that the stand may form itself into any firearm imaginable, whether it be an AK or a revolver. However, the more times the user changes their gun with the stand, the weaker it becomes and will automatically stop working after a specific amount of times.