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Stand User: Andrew E.O Speedwagon (Grand-Son of Robert E.O Speedwagon)

Stand name: Back To Zero (B2Z for short)


Power: D

speed: A

range: Infinite

durability: Infinite 

precision: E

potential: B

Stands appearance: Back to Zero has the appearance of a small little being (kinda like tusk act 1) that floats around Speedwagon, B2Z has a sand clock in his hands with the length of one day (The sand in the sand clock will drop for 24 hours). If B2Z drops the clock, time will shatter back how much time was waited on the sand clock. If the sand clock is 23 hours into the day and it breaks, you got back in time by 23 hours.

Abilities : Time traveling is B2Z 's main ability. If its a day or an hour into the past or future. Lets say a murderer is about to stab  A. E.O Speedwagon, B2Z time travels one hour into the future. Every thing that happened in that hour never happened. The stab doesn't exist, the murderer forgets about me, and everyone isn't screaming after seeing someone get stabbed. The reverse of this is the same. A. E. O Speedwagon get stab, reverse one hour, every thing is normal again but Speedwagon knows how to dodge the stab.

B2Z can also bring events that happened from the past to the present. Example, it is the middle of summer and all of a sudden, snow falls from the sky. B2Z brought back winter from around 6 - 7 months ago. This means, B2Z can brings flying bullets to the present as self defense. 

Thank you for reading my JJBA ted talk!