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Stand User: Naraci Abbio

Stand Name: Paint It Black, Named after the song "Paint it black".


Power: C

speed: A

range: B

durability: B

precision: B 

potential: A


Paint teleportation

Paint teleportation is an ability Paint It Black can use, this ability will allow Paint It Black to hop into one painting and out another. The user can also do this as well. 

Painful Paint

Pant it black will transform into modern art or some sort of art and when someone is nearby, Paint It Black will attack by dragging them into the painting and rapidly punching them. That's why Paint It Black has an A in speed.

The 2D Dimension

All rules in this world are destroyed. This is paint it black's ultimate move. Much like Death 13, the target cant activate his own stand unless he was dragged in with the stand present.  Anything can happen here and will inflict you in the real world.