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Stand user: Darzio Brando

Stand name: Three Hearts, Seven Seas, Twelve Moons (THSSTM)

Namesnake: Named after the song "Three Hearts, Seven Seas, Twelve Moons"


power B
speed A
range B
durability E
precision D
potential D

Appearance: THSSTM is a wearable stand (Ex of a wearable: Ice/white album), the outfit looks like a long black robe with a black top hat with a crescent moon on the front. For the face, there is a face mask that looks like a face mask from phantom of the opera with gold vines as decoration.


THSSTM has the ability to hop dimensions, and every day THSSTM will change its second ability. (Check next ability for more info). THSSTM and it's user can hop to a different universe every 3 hours, THSSTM nor the user can decide which universe to go to.

THSSTM's second ability is a passive. Lets say THSSTM defeated Star platinum. Now THSSTW can use  time stop for that one day, the next day, the ability will be erased from the user's memory and THSSTM will have obtain a whole different ability.

THSSTM Over Heaven:


power A
speed A
range E
durability A
precision  A
potential E

 At this point, THSSTM is god. THSSTM Over Heaven can bend reality if someone is sacrificed.

It has the ability to do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING! The only to stop this is if he doesn't sacrifice someone for the power of creation and destruction. If Darzio dies, the stand will go back in time to help itself. The only way to prevent this is with GER's infinite deaths/ "you will never reach the truth".