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They call you the Gentleman Bandit, because no one knows your name. They call you a monster, a villain, a dealer of death. They call you Devil.

But they don’t know you.

Not your Heart, your Poet’s Heart filled with rage or filth or the expansiveness of True Lovenot your Heaving Heart, beating in meter, callous or kind or barren. 

* * *

In Gentleman Bandit, you play the titular rogue ~ a highwayman of the old guard who leaves 13 lines of verse at the scenes of his misdeeds. Through card draws, writing prompts, and dice rolls, you’ll write a narrative poem about your Bandit’s loves, losses, fears, and more. 

  • Play solo, or with a group (in person or online)
  • Replay guides and multiplayer rules included
  • Formatted for mobile and print
  • Visual design by John Harper, creator of Lasers & Feelings, Lady Blackbird, and Blades in the Dark
  • Inspired by the true-life tale of Black Bart, the original Gentleman Bandit, and the Western voices of Cormac McCarthy, Charles Portis, and Willa Cather
  • The first game in the Western Cantos, my forthcoming series of poetry TTRPGs