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(enemy of Notojo Joestar)
Stand user: Iku Brando
Stand name: Old town Road

Namesnake: Old town Road

Stand stats:

power D

speed A

range B (50 meters)

durability A

precision C

potential B

Appearance: Old Town Road (O.T.R) is a horse like stand that anyone can see and ride. A large black horse with a large saddle with gold horse shoes. O.T.R also is twice has strong as a normal horse.


Human Hop:

O.T.R 's human hop range is 50 Meters. O.T.R needs two or more people in its 50 meters to use this ability. O.T.R jumps into the human and comes out of a another person. The second person will feel pain, while the other won't, but they will forget everything that just happened in the past 3 minutes.

O.T.R's sub stand, Shallow Shot, is a Stand that is the shape of a revolver. 


power: A

Speed: C

Range: Inf

Durability: D

Precision: A

Potential: None

Shallow Shot is named after the popular song in 2018 Shallow. This sub stand has no abilites besides a 10 round shoot. (Basically a gun).