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Stand User: Notojo Joestar

Stand name: Living Arc

Namesnake: a combination of the song Arc and the movie "Living Proof"

Stand stats:

power: C

Speed: B

Range: D (5 meters)

Durability: C

Precision: D

Potential: B

Apperance: Living Arc is a humanoid styled stand that resembles diver down without scuba equipment. Having legs with blades at the end for extra defense and iron hands, this stand is made with metals and wiring you would see on orbital satellites and space stations.  With a light grey for the main color for the body (the head, torso, thighs, and shoulders) and black, (for the stomach, arms, knees down). Having ear plugs to block all sounds is Living Arc's passive ability. Does have potential to go requiem, requiem looks like a long black robe with a tophat. In all black, the stand no longer has arms.


Barrage: Due to the stand user being a Joestar, Living Arc's battle cry is "Ora".  Basic barrage that pretty much any stand can do. 

First ability: Gravity channeling punch!

This ability will send your target 3 meters into the sky, medium damage but very effective if the target can't move due to losing 90% of his weight. You can use this on yourself as well, you can jump from high places and not worry about dying because you will float downwards.

Second ability: Gravity ending barrage!

This is a attack that involves a barrage. (The longer the barrage, the more gravity is effected). The target will be facing long periods of gravity crushing them. A very short barrage will cause the enemy to not have the ability to lift his foot. This gravitational effect does not cause any damage. Basically a paralyzing barrage. With used with Spin, the enemy will float in midair spinning. 

Final ability: Gravity Aura Bomb!

Living Arc will build up all of its energy into a DIO like time stop. Time wont stop, but the gravity in a 8 meter radius will be under the user's control. Can make the area 0 gravity, or change it to the gravity greater than earths. This "Aura" last 20 seconds. The user is not effected what so ever in the Aura. Now for the "bomb" part, Living Arc can make smaller versions of this aura into projectiles. A invisible barrier bubble will be launched out of Living Arc's stomach (K I L L E R Q U E E N I N T E N S I F I E S). These orbs will shrink depending on how many are launched. If two are launched, then they will have the range of 4 Meters. if 8 were launched, then they will have the range of 1 meter. When they touch anything, they will explode into a gravitational field for X amount of seconds. (2 launched = 10 seconds, 8 launched = 2.5 seconds).


All moves will become twice as strong also will be able to predict future attacks by reading there gravitational pull. It just works.


Power: E

Speed: A

Range: C

Durability: D

Precision:  C

Potential: Maxed

Thanks for reading my Fan made stand! :D

User's catchphrase:

Go to hell you bastard!!!! ORAAAAAAAAAAA!