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You can get 5 endings:

(Get out of bed first)

  • Anywhere > Escape at last (This one is sometimes unavoidable)
  • Work > Roof > Fly
  • Clinic > Wait in line > My mask is cracking > Can I try something else instead? > Sounds great; thank you > Go home > Home > Take happy pills
  • Swain's lane, Highgates (You need to read the notes on the fridge and look out the window for this option to appear) > Give in
  • (The "True ending") Swain's lane, Highgates > Survive

There are other ways to get these endings, but these are the shortest.

Sometimes, certain options disappear or become corrupted. I don't know how that works, but you can always start over (you can find that in the settings). Corrupted options sometimes become accesible after you do something.

My favorites are the last 2. Be careful with the third one, you might not get it if you mess around with other options.


okay, thank you so much ^^  <3