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Stand User: JJ

Stand Name: Favorite Worst Nightmare

Namesake: The name is a reference to the album "Favorite Worst Nightmare" by the Arctic Monkey's

Stand Stats

Power: B

Speed: A

Range: C

Durability: B

Precision: A

Potential: A

Appearance: Favorite Worst Nightmare is a humanoid styled stand that has exaggerated features, such as its expressions and limb size. Its skin takes the colors and patterns of the album cover referenced by its name, while also wearing a leather jacket. This in and his hairstyle are in reference to the bands changing style. In short, its has white skin, with a patterned shirt, and a leather outfit. 


Punches: Favorite Worst Nightmare barrage is considered its own ability, which is called Teddy Picker. When the stands attacks make contact with their target, the stand will take away stamina from the target. This will cause them to become disoriented, if applied enough times the target will become unconscious.

Main Ability (505): Once Favorite Worst Nightmare has either gained a threshold of energy or has knocked out his opponent the ability 505 will activate. This will bring the opponent into a realm crafted from the user's imagination, where they can hold them for a maximum time 5 minutes. (Based on the energy gained) In the realm the user has complete control over the world's rules, they can shift the very fabric of time within the realm. However, they cannot hurt their victim with their surroundings. The victim can only be harmed by direct contact from Favorite Worst Nightmare.

Stand Cry: Ubashaa 

That's a reference to Purple Haze