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My. This game, albeit short, was... definitely worth playing! As a person who is a sucker for visual novels with characters worth caring for (and, I might add, is also quite a fan of your other earlier works) this does far from disappoint me.  The absurdly comedic but playful script, the unique cartoon-esque art style, the characters' personalities and developments, and the talents of the voice actors breathing life into what would otherwise be just another game where you imagine the voices for yourself.

The voice actors are simply what gives this game such soul and depth, and I absolutely loved how the characters interacted with each other in this overall twist on the frankenstein narrative.

Truthfully, my only complaint about this game is that it is short. But that's something I've acknowledged since I started the game, considering the fact that it was only made in two weeks. I feel like this game, along with a few of your other works, could really benefit if they were given a continuation, or, to a larger extent, a fully-fledged game release!

That's my opinion on the game, spoiler-free. Thank you and your team for another memorable experience!