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Hmm, not sure whether I should post here or in one of the other 'Share your Project' threads. I'll run with both for now, and if anyone has a suggestion about what would be more appropriate, I'm happy to follow advice!

So far I've posted three micro-RPGs...

Freedom or Toaster: You play as a Robot trying to escape from a busy mall to freedom!

Brigands of Sherwood: Filch as much loot as possible before Robin Hood makes you give it all away!

The Hoppy Pops: You're a Hoppy Pop, a character from one of those weird kid’s shows. In Ep. 9 your Happy Dance opened a gate to Hell!

All of these are designed to be an evening of fun. If anyone gets a chance to play them, an evening of laughs and general amusement is what I hope you get from them!