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Good evening,

Truly sorry to bother you. Here's Daniele, from Italy. I'm 24 years old and I'm a graduated in Foreign Literatures and Languages from the University of Pisa (mark 109/110). I wrote and defended my thesis in Spanish (whose name is "A escudero pobre, rapaz adevino: análisis paremiológico-contrastivo del Lazarillo de Tormes"). 
Apart from being a native italian speaker, I posess a C1 level of Spanish (Certificado DELE). Moreover, I took the C2 exam at the end of May. In the next future, I'd love to move to Madrid and teach foreigners my own language. 

I've already translated some stuff from one language to another (normally from Spanish to Italian or either to English), such as: a web site, a catalogue for a museum (Museo de Bellas Artes de Bilbao) and a menù for a restaurant. Furthermore, I taught Italian to many people by using the app Skype. 

Unfortunately, your game "Dissolving"  doesn't seem to me that the game is localized in Italian and Spanish. 
May I try localizing it into both Spanish and Italian? It is not about money, obviously. I'd love to get closer to the localization and, at the same time, enrich my curriculum. As far as your game is concerned, it might be a good occasion to get more popularity.

Truly sorry about all this.

Best wishes,

Daniele Ferrari