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I read these comments with my mouth open. I beg you research the word "piracy". Actually never mind I'll give you the definition as you might twist it, like your twisted mind. "the unauthorized use or reproduction of another's work.". Greenheart Games made a copy of their game to stop piracy of their game and in my eyes successfully did so. If someone downloaded this copy, they had the intent to play the game without paying for it and thus are a "pirate". It does not matter if the official developer of the game released this modified copy with the intent of stopping pirates, people did not know this and thus match the definition of "pirates".

I think it was genius and I will admit, even though I downloaded the game from a torrenting site and did not play it, for the reason of not having money to do so, that makes me a pirate and after reading their blog post, I proceeded to buy it on Steam for feeling bad. Does that justify my "piracy"? Absolutely not but I did support a game that I liked and supported a great company.

I don't know if your intent was to troll people with your comment, but please do research when criticizing a company on their ways before doing so.

As for Greenheart Games, you have my sincerest apologies for pirating the game. I hope me buying it, helps you on your developing path.

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"the unauthorized use or reproduction of another's work."

While I can't claim to know the subtle nuances of copyright law in every country, in the USA if the author distributes their work for free, they have authorized anyone who obtains that work from them to use it. Not to create derivative works, or sell reproductions, or for public exhibition or distribution, but certainly to use it.

By the by, I am twisting nothing, aside from my face into Jackie Chan-like expressions of disbelief at you people who are so brainwashed by the notion that developers are always the victims and consumers are evil incarnate that you cannot process the truth unless it fits that mold.

What happened here is the same thing as if a baker took a plate of bagels out to the street and handed them to people while whispering "stolen bagel," then proceeded to write an open letter which somehow organically finds its way to the papers telling what he had done and complaining that he can't run a business when people keep stealing his bagels, and then laughing at the people who came back to comment that the bagel was rather dry. That twat would be driven out of business, but do it with software and somehow you're automatically in the right?