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Game look good, Artstyle is nice for the eye.

I liked the bauble mechanic I could see it being expanded on even more.

Game is really badly optimized, when I look in a certain direction frames drop from 60 to 15. Changing resolution doesn't help at all.

Where there is first time that enemy that just get stunned and that button I thought I needed to shot the enemy when its on the button so the platform would activate, and I was surprised and disappointed that I just needed to stand on a button once for platform to start working.

Game lucks sound effects like:

Collecting shells, that electrical things could make some buzzing sound and also sound when you successfully connect two, walking on a button should make a sound, opening door should make a sound etc. I always think that adding sound particle effects to as may things as possible is a good idea.(as long as sounds are not annoying)

I would add some camera lag, because camera is very stiff at the moment,

I also really appreciate Funny cat pictures in the credits :D

Overall quite good job, keep it up.

Thank you for the feedback! We are working on the optimization.