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Since you're coming forward with this I would be interested to know how much does this development cost? Why did you get banned on steam? Why not make another account is it against ToS? Last of sales figures I get for the most part but how does pirated copies get numbers?


It's difficult to get adult games to be accepted by Steam


No, it's really not. Steam is flooded with H-games. You also aren't who I want an answer from.

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This guy makes $14,000 A MONTH from PATREON ALONE and he's complaining about pirates. He has absolutely no reason to finish the game because of the insane income and it shows in how much effort he's putting into the game vs. running analytics and acting like a victim.


Yeah, I already checked stats on Graphtreon now. He didn't answer any of my inquires here as you can see and however he answered someone else asking about how they know sales vs pirated copies with a smug non-answer. I'd express my disdain in more but I'd rather the comment stay up.