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Hello, I really hope you see this soon! Firstly, great game! The tutorials have really helped me with my project in 2D games. I am currently following the tutorial series for this, I have just finished part 1 but when I test the game, the 'crush' blocks fall straight down, the doors do not stop them? I have re watched the video a good 4 times and I am sure I have done everything correct, the door physics are set to cannot move and I have set the collision boxes to what you did in the video. I've hit a brick wall as I cannot figure out the issue, it's probably something little that I've missed but thought I would ask anyway! Could it be the physics setting for the crush blocks themselves? As I am not sure what they should be. Thank you in advance! I have posted this comment both here and on the YouTube video as I am not sure which you would check first! :)

Hi! Apologies that I missed this message! I saw it a couple of weeks back but it's been a pretty hectic build up to Christmas on my end. Here's some things to check for:

- Make sure you haven't set the physics to "Cannot be pushed" - If you have an object that cannot move and an object that cannot be pushed collide with one another, it causes one to pass through the other.

- Make sure the collision is not set to a sensor when it's meant to be a solid collider!

Feel free to send me through a build of your game and I can give it a nosey over! (alexjohansson at hotmail dot co dot uk)

Hope you've managed to get to the bottom of it and glad these tutorials are seeing some use!