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This looks really emotionally impactful and a lot of my friends are very excited to play it, but I was surprised and disappointed to see that your description doesn't include a content warning; this can be very triggering for people who've spent a considerable amount of time trapped in abusive relationships / households.


Hello! I thought that the description that the game is about a dysfunctional partner dynamic where ove party has control over the other was a sufficient warning before buying the game. It's not labeled as a content warning, but was part of my intention to be clear about the subject matter of this game. There's a more in depth discussion of it in the safety section of the game. What do you feel needs to be more explicit before purchase?

My apologies, I think my phrasing was unintentionally vague. I was trying to communicate that the description itself can be triggering to people, at least I found it to be. Perhaps a simple "TW: reference to abuse" after the first sentence would give people the chance to opt out early enough if that's not something they handle well?

Thank you for clarifying! I hadn't considered the description before. I did add a content warning before the body of the text!

Thanks for being so open to my feedback!

Thank you for taking the time to explain