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I was gonna cover this game in a video or during a stream but wasn't able to due to the game being a bit demanding on my PC, so I just wanna start off by saying that I'm sorry about that. I really tried.

I was able to get it to run well enough to play through it though, so I thought the least that I could do is to leave a comment to just say that: what you've done here is something special.

This is a beautifully crafted indie horror game filled with a lot of emotions. Don't go into this thinking it's just a regular indie horror game because it's not. It's not a spookfest riddled with cheap jumpscares.

As someone that was mentally abused by my father, a man that tore my family into pieces, as a child, I just want to tell you, Adam: thank you for making this.


Thank you very much!

I’m really glad that you liked my creation that much.

When I started the developement 3 years ago, one of the most important goal was for me with this whole thing to somehow say other people that they are not alone with this problem.

The the release in June 22 containes a detailed options menu for people who whant’s to record the game.


Adam Dubi