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Ooooo...So much potentional....

Thanks for playing and sharing the game!

I wanted to explain to you what happened in your game session as well. You reached the point where the door closed but you did not reach the checkpoint that was after that door. After closing the door you died and, when you die, the doors and the elevators are not resting their state and that door could not be opened again by design (we expected everyone that played the game to be on the other side of the door if the door was closed). It resulted in a horrible game play experience and I'm sorry about that.

I also wanted to show you how were you supposed to overpass that zone with this game play:

In addition, I wanted to say to you that the game is meant to be played with gamepad and, usually, with this kind of little games you should play with the controls shown in the tutorial if they do not have any option to change them (from keyboard to gamepad or vice-versa).

I'm sorry for the trouble but that game was made in a rush as a university project. We could not do a lot of testing to avoid the problems that you had. However, it was on the plan the addition of doors that get the initial state after the player's death and adding a screen encouraging playing with gamepad instead of keyboard.