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Yeah, the tumbleweeds, like the avalanche snowballs, are big objects that use a shadow to convey where you're in danger, right? And since I'm not sure where they're doing damage to me, I tend to avoid them WAY more than I need to. Like I only use avalanches when I can hide in a weave to the level design so snowballs won't hit me.

The tumbleweeds section is fun in theory, but I've gotten super frustrated when it's tumbleweeds AND a ton of holes AND I'm being shot at by something. Maybe a clearer hitbox will help! I'm down to test anything.

I like the Frogger-like analogy. Any sort of bonus room or stage layout that uses them like that would be fun.

Though I mentioned this in another thread: taking real damage in a bonus room completely discourages me from using the bonus rooms at all. Racing all the way up there just to carefully navigate down is kind of a chore. If you won, and you knew you could safely fall into a hole after winning the race, that'd feel more fair and fun. Like, I already spent 5 crystals. That's the risk: losing crystals. Adding damage / death makes it too much of a gamble. (Oh, and the the spring layouts look fun but they're super difficult so I don't bother.)

Kind of a tangent, but I just imagined a tumbleweeds bonus game and immediately thought "oh if I take real damage, though, I'll pass." I'm pushing myself to try bonus rooms more often, and taking damage is killing my enthusiasm. As soon as I get to a between-levels area, I go into money-management mode. Is the bank worth it? What's in the shop? Thinking "do i have enough health to justify trying a bonus race?" is the only time I think more about survival than planning ahead and it feels weird.

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I hear ya. I feel like the challenge rooms have the highest skill ceiling in the game right now (aside from just beating the game itself). The risk reward is so high- trusting yourself enough to engaged those systems and if you manage to bear them the rewards are a usually a huge payoff. Also, we've talked about adding more challenges in the game (whether in camps or otherwise). I like that there are challenges that push even the most skilled players to their limits, but maybe we need some other challenges sprinkled to give the harder ones context instead of all of them feeling like such an uphill battle.

That was kind of a rambling haha, but hopefully that makes sense? Curious to hear more about your (and others'!) experiences with the rooms. Do you favor one or the other or does one seem entirely less fair than the other out of the two that are in now