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Any ETA on when this will work with El Capitan? Downloaded it and now I can't play =( Didn't catch in the comments that it wasn't working with this OS yet.

It should be working fine now, at least it's working over here (2014 mac mini, El Capitan).

Maybe it's just me. What are the minimum requirements to run the program? I downloaded and tried both Mac versions but once I unzip the file and click to start the application, it just never goes.

Direct 3D 9 compatible graphics would be the only minimum requirement holding it back. One thing I have been noticing in El Capitan is that you have to open it a few times before it actually responds and opens- I have no idea why that is the case. Try alt-mouse > open a few times, and it should eventually start. Sometimes it takes a little while to start when you first run it.