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Can you make that they can breed

Hello, Kelmarec!

This little game is based on an existing property, with the blessings of the original creator.

According to the source material, due to the large genetic variations between individual Lintwians they have significant difficulty naturally reproducing; instead they rely upon the lab systems covering the planet for genetic splicing as a means of fulfilling the same function.
In order to prevent abuse of these systems, however, it is not within their control to willingly create new Lintwians. 
Such a thing is governed by the AI systems present in each lab, which monitors the surface world's population and acts according.

In this game I represent that by allowing the player, taking the role of an overseer, to willingly create new Lintwians, including the ability to create completely customised individuals.

I suppose I could quite happily add a genetic splicing option so that two Lintwians could still have genetic offspring, though the concept of familial relations does not exist on Lintw so it would just be a middle ground between the "completely random" and "completely custom" character generation options.