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I've got a current personal project of trying to play every Star Trek game (although for versions of the Mike Mayfield game, I stuck to significantly different versions that used the name "Star Trek", there are lots of almost identical versions).

Visual Star Trek is my favourite version about it. It really is strange how there's no information about it, where it came from or who made it. It's a complete mystery - yet the actual code from both (very different) 1971 BASIC Star Trek games (the other one is by Bill Peterson) is preserved. 

I found Visual Star Trek via a floppy disc on the side of the road in the trash when I was a kid. If I had realised it was so shrouded in mystery back then I would have done a better job holding onto it. Might have had more info in the label. lol. It was one of my fav versions as well. Although I didn't realise it was just one in a long line of clones. It taught me to fear tribbles though