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Ok, so I usually do all my reviews as I play through the story and go along with how I feel from there but I have to be honest and say that even though it was a quick story, I couldn't close out of the window until it was finished, which is a rather hard feat for many game/VN creators to do to me.

Anyways, I don't think I need to say much, but I will... The world you have built here, although not built up nearly as much as it could've been, already has me captivated and ready for more storie from you and your team (if you have a team that is). The scenery is very beautifully drawn and has a great amount of attention to detail, which is something that you don't see out of too many Visual Novels and even Triple A games out there on the market.

The musical arrangements in this VN deserve a section dedicated to themselves alone. Every piece of music just fits in with each setting, ranging from the oriental style theme of the Sushi Resturant, to the upbeat theme for the Comic Store. The tempos are matched very nicely by each nstrument that accompanies the scene, and the person who put the music together for this game has a lot of potential that I hope to see come out in your future titles.

One thing that my girlfriend and I love about VNs is the fact that imaginary characters can be brought to life and given a sense of realism, just by dialogue alone, such as with Isabel and even the main protagonist. I see a great variety of creators with skills at making characters come to life such as NomNomNami, or NadiaNova, along with a small handfull of others, but no where have I seen the way that they immidiately become like some people that I could see myself hanging out with IRL.

Possibly one of the greatest things about this VN is the art style. I already talked a bit about the scenery, but the character art is so detailed when you get a chance to get up close to see the details. The art during the ~Sexytimes~ is so god-damn amazing and so detailed with certain parts of the backgroud blur bouncing off the sides of the charactersand how the semi-neon lighting of Isabel's tongue seems to actually glow... It  just blew me away...

One small complaint however, is that the dialogue doesn't move with every click. For example, I'd be done with a string of text and it'd take me 3-5 clicks to move on, while the next string would take only one. I's just a bit inconsistent is all.

Of all the VNs that I've encountered, this one may be my all-time favorite

    Keep doin good work <3


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P.S. I would absolutely love to fund your Patreon, but saly due to some personal matters, that cannot happen. So just know  (even though this doesn't really help) that you have my full support for your future projects