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Is it because your phone block it? Can you check the setting? Or maybe the game file is too big for your phone?
I know it's more fun to play on phone but if you can't download it, how about PC or Mac? Sorry for cannot help more. I use the build from a game engine. I'm clueless when it come to complicated programming stuff. You can send me your email address if you want a web version. But it is laggy and slow. (The web build from that engine is in beta test)

Im broke sooo, i dont really have pc or mac, I only have a phone, and I tried to install on multiple ones, but none of them work, which means, the problem isnt our phones, its the build of the game i think. 

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Have you try both 2 Android version? Maybe 1 will work. I always thought those 2 are the same. Maybe this is the reason. I'll update the 86_64 version soon. Please reply me if it works

I downloaded it on your Patreon site and does not download/work. I tried it for so many times.☹️