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Ooooooooo this is looking really cool! I really like the fact that its based off an album - sometimes you listen to one and it just gives you a certain feeling you want to recapture! I'll have to check it out > : ] (the album, i mean, but also the game when its done!)

I'm looking forward to seeing this, I hope I get to kiss the cool skeleton monster. Or at least go on a nice outing with him. Or be trapped in a surrealist horror. One of those three.

thank you!!! :^) there will be lots and lots of nice outings, and probably a lot of Feels involved
but who knows, maybe there will be a kiss ohoho

but yesss, i found the album and kind of sat starting at my ceiling for an hour thinking about the game, and this concept happened !


I can't wait to be a fucking skeleton furry with this game. (I also can't wait to cry, either, if we are getting the Feels out. I want to be emotionally destroyed.)